McClure Tables Reserve Stock

At McClure Reserve we sell shuffleboard tables and butcher block products in stock. Many items you can order at or are not available from this site. We offer the same quality shuffleboard tables and butcher block products, just not custom made as you order. The models in our new line of handcrafted production run shuffleboard tables are made by the same craftsmen, yet built in production runs of 10 or more to cut production costs, giving us the ability to offer them to you at the best price possible. At McClure Reserve we can also occassionally offer showroom models and prototypes of our newest models. These shuffleboard tables are one-of-a-kind and they will go fast!

All McClure shuffleboard tables and butcher blocks are handcrafted in our 18,000 square foot facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Once known as the furniture capital of America, Grand Rapids has a rich history of fine woodworking craftsmanship. This history of excellence goes into every item we build, refinish, or repair. Each and every shuffleboard table and butcher block is crafted by hand, finished, and closely inspected by our team of highly skilled and dedicated woodworking artisans.

We are one of the only shuffleboard manufactures located where the hardwoods grow. Michigan is one of the United States' largest producers of hard maple, the same wood we use to make all our play boards in-house. To provide the highest quality and beauty, all McClure shuffleboard playing surfaces are made with Michigan hard maple and coated with an ultra-durable acrylic finish. The McClure standard or excellence ensures your shuffleboard table will stand up to decades of exciting game-play. Everything on this site is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Look no further for the best deals on Shuffleboard Tables.